Bed Room Light Shades

A pendant light suspended from the ceiling not only saves you surface area, but also lets you play with different lighting intensities to best suit the mood for a specific space in your home. By lighting up a smaller area, it will save money on your electricity bill, too. Rattan is a popular furnishing material for a reason: it's durable, easy to clean, and lightweight. The beautiful woven designs add cool and casual texture to your space without dominating your style.

Give your bedroom a warm and inviting aura by hanging beautiful, rustic rattan light shades from The Attic. At The Attic, we have developed various models of hanging lights using natural rattan material and neutral colours that work well in a range of different aesthetics. The natural rattan pendants are patterned in horizontal and diagonal lines, inspired by the tropical climbers of South East Asia and create a stunning lighting effect. With our rattan pendant lights made of natural materials, you can bring that peaceful outdoors vibe right into your home.All pendants have been designed to spread light naturally across your entire room.

With simple and minimalist designs, we offer the best bedroom lamp shades online. Our pendant lights are perfect for those who like to keep the get up simple and under stated. The hanging lights are delicately woven and knotted with durable and environmentally-friendly rattan for a chic, yet rustic look. The spacious rattan weave will add textural charm to your bedroom. The wide woven shade adds an elegant feature to your room and the open bottom makes it easy to change the light bulb when needed.
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